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How does gray hair relate to stress.6 reasons to drink cucumber water every day which would be better.

How does gray hair relate to stress.

Researchers at the Department of Neurology at Harvard University have announced that stress stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, causing white hair. Let's take a closer look at how much stress affects gray hair.

How does gray hair relate to stress? For a very long time, people assumed that stress was the cause of gray hair, but there was no scientific basis. However, recently, Harvard researchers published a scientific basis for the correlation between stress and gray hair.

The story that stress is the cause of gray hair has been around for a long time. The story of Queen Marie Antoinette's head, which disappeared with the dew of a guillotine in the French Revolution, turned white overnight.

It is also known that Thomas More's hair color changed overnight. There are some people who say that their faces are getting old during a difficult period, but let's see if hair color is also affected by stress.

Is gray hair the result of stress?

Dr. Suyatsue and researchers from Harvard University in the United States argued that stress is the cause of gray hair in a paper published in Nature.

Interestingly, researchers at the Department of Neurology at Harvard University have discovered not only that stress is the cause of gray hair, but also the mechanisms involved in the phenomenon.

Stress is a worldwide problem and numerous studies have been conducted over the past decades. There are numerous symptoms of stress-causing abnormalities, and it affects not only our appearance but also deeper depths.

Experiment to find out the cause of gray hair
To clarify the cause of gray hair, researchers at Harvard University conducted experiments with black rats. The purpose of the experiment was to determine if there were other physiological changes, including gray hair, in an anxious and tense environment.

The researchers injected rats with a drug called resiniferatoxin to increase the secretion of cortisol, known as a stress hormone.

Although the experiment was conducted under the hypothesis that stress causes an immune response and damages the pigment-producing cells, surprisingly, some of the experimental mice showed white hair even without an immune response.

To this phenomenon, the researchers exposed the rats with the adrenal glands that secreted cortisol to stress, but this time, the hairs turned white.

Why does gray hair occur?

The researchers began to focus on the sympathetic nervous system instead of the hypothesis that had been established, and the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates the struggle-and-flight response, acts on the hair follicle cells.

As a result of various experiments, when exposed to a stressful environment, norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter of the sympathetic nervous system, was secreted, and it also affected melanocytes in the hair follicles.

The researchers concluded that norepinephrine over-activated melanin pigment cells to deplete cells, and the hair color changed to white as pigment regeneration became impossible.

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Future actions
Just as the white hair does not become black again, once the hair follicle stem cells are destroyed, recovery is impossible. Researchers at Harvard University have revealed that stress is the cause of gray hair, but say more detailed testing is still needed.

However, as innovative results, various studies on the stress action of each cell have been conducted, so the effect of stress on the human body can be seen in more detail.

These studies will be of great help in finding solutions that reverse the effects of stress on the human body. For now, it is always best to stay calm and avoid negative thoughts to help you stay less stressed.

6 reasons to drink cucumber water every day which would be better.

Drinking cucumber water not only full fills moisture, but cucumber water is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the health of the liver and skin.

Having Cucumber water, good for the whole family, makes this drink healthy and snack. Drink cucumber water if you are looking for a high-calorie, carbonated drink.

Here are six reasons why you should drink cucumber water which is good.

Keep in mind that you need to drink at least 2-3 times a week to drink cucumber water to see if it works on you.

Drinking cucumbers while drinking water may help you get vitamins A and C. Vitamin E, an antioxidant, is also abundant. It will be effective even in a short period.

Drinking cucumber water helps save  cells and skin from external factors such as tobacco and pollution. In addition, cucumbers are rich in minerals and nutrients, which helps prevent blood loss.

2. It lowers blood pressure
Cucumber water is also effective in lowering blood pressure. Let's keep in mind.

Cucumber has a high moisture content and contains the necessary amount of potassium per day, which is good for blood circulation and improves heart function.

It  has the effect of relaxing the muscles as well. In this way, the influences of cucumber water is much more than you think.

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3. Calm the hunger
Cucumber is a food that gives a feeling of complacence. Drinking cucumber water in the afternoon may make you hungry. It may also keep your body hydrated.

Drink cucumber water to eat breakfast, and you won't feel hungry until  lunch time comes.

4. It is good for skin


As already explained, cucumber water helps keep the skin damp.

Drinking steadily may make your skin softer, younger and more elastic. In addition, cucumber water is good for blood circulation and can prevent the retention of body fluids.

It is also a Informal effect with a large amount of silicon. It treats toxin-related problems such as acne and inflammation and more any thing.

Drinking cucumber water will Informaly your body and make your skin shiny.

5. It is good for liver
Cucumber water is  effective in detoxification, relieving hyperemia, and improving liver function as well.

that  is because it is rich in vitamins A, B, and C. In addition, it contains minerals such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus.
These nutrients help save  liver cells and improve regeneration.
Drinking cucumber water will make your liver much healthier and good.
It is also effective in reducing inflammation and reducing the fat content in the bloodstream.
Of course, you should eat a healthy diet and exercise. These three factors are more important habits than just protecting your liver and save it.
6. Good for UV protection

Cucumbers are rich in vitamin C. It serves to protect the skin from UV rays as well. It also increases collagen production as well, protects the skin from sunburn, and makes the skin look more vibrant.

It also helps improve bone and nail health. Helps the immune system function ideally.

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How to make cucumber water
1 cucumber
1 .5 liters of water
1/2 lemon juice
1 tablespoon of chia seeds (10 g)

how to make
Cut and peel the cucumbers to make them easy to easy grind.
Squeeze the juice of half a lemon and put it in a blender with cucumber, water and chia seeds.
Go to blender for a few minutes until all ingredients are well ground and mix.
This lower-calorie, cooler drink will balance your body's pH levels and lower your acid levels as well.

Cucumber water is refreshing, low in calories, and effective on your body.

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