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How to use 8 baking soda

How to use 8 baking soda.

How to use baking soda, where is it useful? It may help with whitening teeth. But don't use it too much. It can damage the tooth enamel.

We all want to maintain beauty and look pretty. Many people think that they should invest in buying cosmetic products or improving their appearance. But in fact, the best way is to manage it at home. Things that are good for improving your appearance are common in your home. Baking soda and sodium hydrogen carbonate are common products in the kitchen and for health. However, it can also be used to manage appearance.
The best thing about baking soda is its economics. It can be easily obtained. Let's see how baking soda can be used to shape your appearance.

Beauty experts recommend exfoliating regularly. Baking soda may be used to exfoliate.

Mix water and baking soda in a ratio of 1 to 3 and apply it to your skin as if massaging.
Rinse with warm water and finish with a moisture cream.

Clean your hair.

Oil and contaminants accumulate on the hair. If you just leave it, it will look messy and needs care.

Use 1 teaspoon of baking soda mixed with shampoo.
Wait 10 minutes and then rinse for a fresher feeling.
Want to know more? Adjust oil with dry shampoo

Use for knees and elbows
Knees and elbows are areas that tend to dry out. You can keep it moist by mixing baking soda with water cream and applying it like a massage.

Gently care for your hands.

A little water is mixed with baking soda to make a paste, and then applied to the hands and nails to remove dead skin cells and soften the dust.

Whitening teeth.

How to use baking soda, which is great for whitening teeth. It has a whitening component, so it may be slightly contained in commercially available toothpastes. To whiten, mix baking soda, a little water and a small amount of salt together and apply it to your teeth. In addition, mixing baking soda with water to gargle is also effective in removing bad breath.

Using natural deodorant

Baking soda is also effective in removing the smell of sweat. You can make the baking soda powder thick with a paste and apply it to your armpits or mix a half cup of baking soda with the bath water and take a bath. It can also be used to cleanse the stains on your armpits due to commercially available deodorant products.
Treating acne
Use baking soda, which is also useful for removing acne, blackheads, or oil. Mix it with a little lemon juice and apply to the pimple area. It is recommended to use at night because exposure to sunlight can leave marks on the skin.

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Use for foot bath

At the end of the day, you need to give your feet rest and special care. Mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda with warm water, soak your feet and wait 10 minutes. A little bit of baking soda can help keep your feet healthy when you have a foot bath.

5 treatments to make weak nails stronger.

Nails tell us a lot about our health. Health problems can weaken your nails.

Here are 5 treatments to make weak nails stronger. Are your nails weak and brittle? Nail health is often overlooked, why? Probably because it is a very small part, so I don't think it's important.

Nails and toenails grow on the epidermis of fingers and toes, and are often exposed to everything in the outside world. Nails and toenails touch the surface and are scratched and sometimes broken.

Why is it broken? Mostly due to glycine deficiency, glycine is an amino acid that promotes collagen production. Glycine deficiency causes the nail to break well and grow abnormally. This is why collagen production is so important for healthy nails.

Occasionally, nails become weak due to injuries or fungal infections such as onychomycosis or psoriasis on the nail floor. Let's check the symptoms of weak nails at the bottom.

  1. Symptoms of weak nails.

Split on weak contact
Peel off continuously
Soft keratin builds up under nails
Causes of weak nails
Some possible causes are:

Nail bite: Can seriously damage and deform cuticles.
Use metal nail files: Be careful when using these if your nails are weak. Don't forget that nail sanding is better and you only need to trim your nails in one direction.
Nutritional imbalance: can cause problems both inside and outside the body. Nails contain keratin, a protein that requires vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to keep your nails healthy.
Use low-quality soap: Certain face washes can be overly rough.
Wearing the wrong shoes: can cause your toenails to weaken; Non-breathable shoes can cause mold to grow.
5 treatments to make weak nails stronger
1.brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast is rich in vitamins B and biotin, as well as zinc, which helps strengthen the body and regenerate tissue. It is best to eat it in the morning so that your body has time to digest properly. It can be found in powder, beverage or pill form.
2. Olive oil and lemon juice
Olive oil detoxifies and washes off the nails and hydrates them deep. Mixing lemon juice with this will reduce stains and even erase them.

1 tablespoon of olive oil (10 g)
1 lemon lemon juice
Pour the oil into a bucket, add lemon juice and mix.
Moisten the mixture on a cotton pad and apply it to your nails.
Repeat twice a week.
3. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is rich in vitamins and minerals, including potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. Acetic acid and malic acid help fight nail infections.

2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (30 ml) are good for it
2 tablespoons of water (30 ml)
Mix the same amount of apple cider vinegar and water then that's fine for this
Soak your nails for a few minutes using a cotton pad.
The cuticle layer is then pushed away to remove dead skin cells and debris.
Repeat once a day.
4. Soak
Soksagae is rich in silicon, a mineral that the body needs to keep nails healthy and strong. Plus, if your nails have white stains, remove them too.

2 tablespoons of grasshopper (20 g)
1 cup of water (150ml)
First, warm the water and add a scoop.
Let it sit for 10 minutes.
Let the mixture cool down and soak your nails for 20 minutes.
Repeat 3-4 times a week.
5. Tea tree oil

If your nails crack because of infections or fungi, tea tree oil, a natural disinfectant, may do the job. It also prevents the nails from turning yellow.

1 tablespoon of vitamin E oil (10 g) is also good
1 teaspoon tea tree oil (10 g)
Add tea tree oil to vitamin E oil is good and its fine.
Rub the nails in a circle.
Let stand for 20 minutes.
Rinse with warm water and dry.
Repeat twice a week.
If you want to make weak nails look good and strong, don't forget that you need healthy eating and exercise, and you shouldn't be stressed out.

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