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How to properly care for the throat.All about lumps on the neck.

How to properly care for the throat.

Usually, you only care about the health of your throat only when you have a sore throat. However, regardless of summer and winter, it is necessary to take care so as not to harm your neck health.

It is easy to think that throat health is mainly managed in winter, but the throat can be hurt by many causes, such as a dry environment caused by the wind of an air conditioner or a very cold drink. Today, let's look at how to properly care for the neck.

How to properly care for your neck all year round
In winter, it is natural to be more concerned about the health of the neck due to surrounding viruses and diseases. But what if the weather gets hot? Are you forgetting about the important organs that enable communication?

1. Healthy diet.

It may be hard to believe, but everything we eat affects the throat. If the food you eat isn't good for your health, it's easy to get sick.

Choose fresh fruit even in winter and don't forget that the orange juice is full of vitamin C. Fruit will strengthen immunity
2. Drinking enough fluids
You need water for a healthy neck.

To moisten the vocal cords, it is recommended to follow the well-known rule of “drink 6-8 glasses of water a day”. These watering rules can prevent your vocal cords from overheating and drying out, preventing sore throat, soreness, and rest. This rule should be followed throughout the year, not just in the summer.

It is recommended to avoid drinking too cold drinks at the same time. In addition, when the weather is too hot, try cutting down on coffee and alcohol intake.

Finally, try to change the mucus-increasing milk to vegetable milk.

3. Rest.

If you don't get enough sleep, there's a good chance you'll have neck health problems the next day. Your voice may be rough or slightly smaller.

Sleep restores not only the throat but also the entire body and makes it possible to rest. So, if you've used too much vocal cords, the best way to manage them is to sleep a little longer than usual.

4. Wrap your neck warm.

You might think that this management is only applicable when it's cold, but it's not.

In summer, people tend to be exposed to too much air conditioner wind. Many offices and buildings are too cold to require outerwear. Cold wind can dry out your throat, so it is recommended to bring a scarf or other accessory for your neck all year round.

And of course, don't leave the house without a scarf or shawl during winter!

5. Honey intake.

Honey has a number of ingredients that are beneficial to our overall health, especially for the throat. As it is antibacterial and antifungal, it can prevent certain viruses, bacteria and microbes from entering the body.

Propolis is useful for improving infections and relieves swollen vocal cords and dryness. It is good to eat 1 teaspoon every day on an empty stomach.

If you choose to consume honey, drink it in tea.

            6. Dryness management.

Some places are very dry by air conditioning.

On airplanes, for example, it is recommended to cover your mouth and nose with a towel or wet tissue to prevent dryness and add moisture to your vocal cords. The same applies to offices that use a lot of air conditioners.

Even if the heater is turned on for a long time in winter, watch out for dryness!

In addition, it is best to avoid places with poor ventilation and heavy smoke and noise. This is because it is a hot place that is perfect for problems. Such places are full of mold, fungi, and dust that can affect your throat.

7. Don't speak.

In many cases this suggestion may sound impossible, but closing your mouth and resting your throat helps.

People with jobs that require a lot of use of vocal chords, such as guides, singers, and broadcasters, may feel more dry in their throat at the end of the day.

As a solution, once you don't need it, don't talk. If you don't speak, your throat will find stability.

8. No smoking.

Cigarettes are poisonous and smoking affects not only the lungs, but the entire respiratory tract, including the throat and vocal cords.

If you don't smoke, stay away from smokers. Because being close to a smoker can have the same effect.

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9. Cough.

When you feel uncomfortable with your throat, avoid the habit of coughing or try to clear your throat by coughing.

Instead, you have to cough to get rid of what is blocking your airways. Coughing can prevent damage to your vocal cords. If you still have a sore throat, try drinking some water or tea.

10. Expressing your situation.

Finally, don't overlook the sore throat. It may be hard to believe, but the throat is connected with emotions. So when something bothers your mind, you'll feel something like a lump that makes you breathe or speak poorly. Explain the situation and ask for what you want.

If you share your fears, complaints, sadness, and worries with family, friends, or psychotherapists, you will find that your throat feels much better.

All about lumps on the neck.

A lump on the throat can cause symptoms such as difficulty swallowing or hoarseness. Check out the details below!
In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about lumps on your neck. A lump on a person's neck can be surprising. And in this case, the first disease that comes to mind is cancer. However, there can be many causes other than cancer, and in fact, not all are malignant.

For example, infections, cysts or benign tumors can all cause lumps in the neck.

The main cause of lumps in the neck is swollen lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are part of the immune system and are round structures distributed throughout the body. It helps the body recognize and fight infections, but it tends to swell frequently.

This is usually a very common and temporary situation as well.

The main causes of lumps in the neck
As mentioned above, the most common cause of lumps in the neck is swollen lymph nodes. Overall, this can happen for a number of reasons.

Nearby infections: For example, it could be due to an infection such as a cold or a throat infection. This is very common, especially with children. Mononucleosis, tooth abscesses and tonsillitis are also worth mentioning.
Lymph node infection is also called lymphadenitis.
It may be due to systemic diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and tuberculosis.
In addition, certain immune disorders can cause lumps in the neck. Like infection, this happens because it causes swelling in the lymph nodes. The most prominent disease is rheumatoid arthritis, a disease in which the immune system accidentally attacks healthy tissue. This condition mainly affects the joints.

Likewise, certain drugs can make lymph nodes larger. It can be caused by a cyst in the neck or also a fluid-filled cyst. Since most cysts are found at birth, they are the easiest to identify. Another possible cause is salivary gland problems.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that it may be due to cancer. Malignant tumors are more common, especially among older people. It can be a cancerous lymph node, but it can also be a tumor of adjacent structures that have spread. Or it could even be a distant tumor metastasis.

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Fearful signs and symptoms of a lump in the neck
If you have a lump on your neck, you should see a doctor. It is of paramount importance to perform the necessary tests necessary to make the diagnosis.

However, in addition to supplemental tests, several indications of the nature of these lumps may be helpful.

It is soft and painful or usually indicates an infection. These lumps tend to disappear after a while as well. In addition, lymphadenitis tends to cause sensitivity of the lymph nodes. If the lump is firm, immobile, and not painful, it may be a tumor.

Tumors can also cause other symptoms such as bulimia (hoarseness) or difficulty swallowing. Therefore, if the lump on the neck does not go away and the symptoms mentioned here appear, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.
Diagnostic test
A medical diagnosis can be made with numerous tests. However, when the patient is young, it is unlikely that the tumor is the cause. Also, these tests are usually not necessary if there are signs of nearby infection. Moreover, the medical professional will evaluate the consistency and degree of pain.

Medical professionals usually first ask for a complete blood count. You can ask for a chest x-ray as well. If there are warning signs or risk factors for cancer, more accurate tests can be performed. This includes a biopsy in which a portion of the lump is extracted for examination.

Additionally, the doctor may request image tests such as CT scans and MRI scans. Ultrasound is also sometimes useful.

It is caused by lymph nodes in the neck or usually of increased size. The most common cause is a nearby infection that usually goes away on its own.

However, you must pay attention to other symptoms. Again, if the lump in your neck doesn't hurt and doesn't move, it could be a tumor.

In any case, it's best to see a doctor as well.

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