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Earn paypal money in 2021

 Earn paypal money in 2021.

Hello guys today I am going to tell you about new earning app by which you can earn easily paypal money in pakistan and in another country if you like this post then follow us by clicking on push notification button let's start first of all you need to go to playstore and search on playstore clipclaps which best paypal earning app I will tell you full detail about this app first of all download app after downloading open app 

And create account how to create account in this app let's see below in picture

See in picture for making account you have two options if you want to make account by Google or Facebook account you can make account by which account you want to create after creating account you can start work see below in picture 

By clicking on video and watch video and click on like button for giving vote and earn money  you can also earn money uploading short videos .

Play games and earn money see below picture.

Click game option and play lots of games and earn points and you can exchange these points into paypal money.

Earn money getting rewards.

See below picture

For earning money by rewards go to app and click on reward button you will get reward button by which you will get points by those points you can earn money 

Increase earning by inviting your  friends.

See below picture.
For inviting you friends click on invite friends button and share with your friends this app if they click on your sharing link and if you they create account you will earn more money by this you can increase your earning ..

How to get withdrawal by this see below.

We have two ways to get withdrawal by this app click on dollar button after you will see option see below picture
This is first way  to get withdrawal by paypal then click on one of them if you have reached if you are in country where paypal is not allowed then you have other option click on other button then see below picture 
We have mobile  load option click on withdrawal button and type your cell phone number and get mobile load .
For download this app 
Click below.

Download app


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